Welcome to Panchla Mahavidyalaya


  • VAN MAHOTSAV is held annually to educate students on the importance of planting trees and maintaining the ecosystem
  • BHASHA DIVAS is held on 21st February of each year to pay respects to the martyrs of Bhasha Andolan and to commemorate International Mother Language Day.
  • Outreach programmes are held by the departments to build an organic relationship between the students of the college and the community at large.
  • Study tours have been held by the Departments of Bengali, Education and History to give students instructions outside the classrooms and make them acquainted with culture in the larger space, outside the college campus.
  • Extension lectures are held regularly by all the departments. Professors from other colleges and Universities are invited to give talks on areas within and outside the syllabus for the benefit of the students.
  • Important occasions like the Independence Day, Republic Day and Teachers’ Day are celebrated with proper dignity and honour.
  • The students of the Department of History recently did a research on the socio-cultural history of Panchla by visiting Bosepara and interacting with the local residents.
  • Career Counseling programmes have been held in the college for the benefit of students.
  • NSS conducts special camps, afforestation programme and World Aids Day annually

Recently the Department of English and the Department of Bengali organized an International Online Seminar on Of Centres and Margins: Origin, Conflicts and Issues.