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Panchla constituency with its surrounding areas of Howrah District where common people live. Most of them live on local artisan-works like Zarie in a very unorganized sector. The talented skills are not equipped to modernize their artisan works Scientifically and Technologically owing to Being Very backward educationally. After completion of school education the people of the area in general are not given chances for their higher education since the nearby colleges are over-burdened owing to large number of students. The situation is worst in the case of the Muslim-girls who are not allowed by their parents to be sent to distant colleges for sense of their insecurity and other social hazards. That result is that those school-passed girls, not of Muslim Community only but of other communities too, are forced to marry a mis-match and at very teen or minor age, thereby an underdeveloped and backward society comes up which creates hindrances to the development of the country as a whole. Sensing this precarious conditions of the society the then M.L.A., Panchla Constituency. Ms. Doli Roy, put her demand on the floor of the Legislative Assembly and requested the erstwhile Govt. to set-up a co-educational, General Degree College (Govt.-aided under WB Pay Packet Scheme). Her desire was fulfilled and the Govt. was pleased to sanction the establishment of a General Degree College in Panchla Area. With the help of the people from all sections of life and specially of the Managing Committee of panchla Azeem Moazzam High (H.S.) School the impossible task became possible. The Managing Committee of Panchla Azeem Moazzam High (H.S.) School unanimously resolved on 17/04/2010 to hand over the 3 acre plot of land under their possession to establish college thereon. Thus a Social & Charitable trust namely ‘Panchla Panchla Azeem Moazzam Educational and Welfare Trust’ represented by its President and Secretary Prof. Dr. Abdur Rahim Khan and Sk. Mujibar Rahaman respectively, came into exercise – its 17 trustees being chosen from all walks of life including the members of Managing Committee of School. Thereafter, the Trust ultimately submitted a formal application to the West Bengal State Council of Higher Education, Govt. of West Bengal, for establishment of the much desired General Degree College – The President and Secretary of the College Organizing Committee being Sri Sushil Adhikary and Ms. Doli Roy respectively. On completion of the several formalities the Higher Education Dept., Govt. of West Bengal issued the necessary order, Vide G.O. No. 741 (2)- Edn (CS) dt. 17/09/2010 to establish ‘panchla Mahavidyalaya’.